Grove Wood Primary School

Grove Wood Primary School

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Grove Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8UA

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At Grove Wood Primary we believe that all pupils health and wellbeing plays a fundamental and integral part of their learning. In order to ensure that all children feel happy and safe within their learning environment, we offer a wide range of daily and weekly opportunities including:-

- Early morning wellbeing and mindfulness club.

- Classroom yoga sessions.

- 5 minute brain breaks throughout the day.

- Sensory room breaks.

- 5 a day fitness TV.

- Time to chill exercises.

- Outdoor learning opportunities.

- Daily self-check ins with the colour monster.

- Weekly PSHE lessons and circle time.

Wellbeing at Grove Primary School includes mental and physical health, physical and emotional safety and a feeling of belonging, sense of purpose, achievement and success.  
By supporting the children's wellbeing, we enable each and every child to develop their potential and to learn and play creatively.  Wellbeing at our school means feeling safe, valued and respected.  We endeavour to build pupils' self esteem and help them to develop a positive 'growth mindset', thus making them resilient to both challenges and new experiences.  

We are always looking for new ways to help improve how we support all children’s health and wellbeing throughout the school

Today we looked at understanding how others feel and using our empathy glasses to see our friends feelings.

 Why not have a go at making a 'mindful glitter jar'?
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