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Grove Wood Primary School

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Information for Prospective Parents

Information for Prospective Parents



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Parent Testimonials

Many of you will have friends, family or neighbours who have children who attend or have attended Grove Wood Primary School and we would encourage you to talk with them. For the benefit of those of you who don't have friends or family whose children attend the school, we asked our parents to share their experiences of our school and a selection of these can be found below. 



"Grove has provided our daughter with a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Every year, she has been excited by the themes being taught, had a lovely relationship with each of her teachers, who have provided quality teaching and shown that they know each child very well. We have found all the staff approachable when have any questions or concerns. But what we love the most about Grove is the opportunities and experiences available for the children and its surroundings-huge field, adventure play areas, woods on site, to name but a few! We are looking forward to our son starting reception and to have an amazing time too!" "I chose Grove for my son for a number reasons. The wonderful buildings and grounds surrounded by woodland, quirky shaped classrooms and bright vibrant work displayed throughout. The sense of community, friendship and nurturing atmosphere. The way in which the reception teachers answered all my worries questions and addressed my sons needs professionally and supportively. The flexibility that the school before and after school clubs gave me as a working parent. I haven't been at all disappointed as the years have progressed. The support and environment has grown with my son and he is very proud to be part of his school."

"As a family we have been nothing but impressed by the school. I fully believe that our son’s well- being (as well as all the pupils’) is at the heart and centre of every decision the school makes. I went and looked around 4 schools in Rayleigh and whilst some others had strengths for me Grove Wood was on another level. Having worked in education (admittedly secondary) for many years I was super picky and I was so impressed when I spoke to the staff. I felt it was a very happy place for children to be and they made learning fun- for us this was a huge selling point. I was also impressed that the school recognised the need to broaden the curriculum and choices that pupils had rather than simply focus on the academic side. Children have a vast array of opportunities whether they be creative or sporting there allowing them to develop differ sets of skills. Staff all seem very passionate and this filters down to the children. Senior staff are around every morning should you have any concerns. My second child will start here next September and she can’t wait."




"My children really enjoy attending Grove Wood which has so many different opportunities and fun experiences on offer throughout the year, including walks to the woods/surrounding areas, lots of sports and a variety of clubs. The teaching staff are very approachable, friendly and enthusiastic and visibly care a lot about the children in their classes. All aspects of communication from the school to parents/carers is very good. My children are very happy here; they have made some lovely friendships and receive high quality teaching" "I cannot speak highly enough of Grove Wood. Both my children have loved every minute of school and are always eager to go in, which for me is an indication of how happy they are. I often hear that schools are either academic or caring and cannot be both. However I cannot disagree more, Grove has provided the perfect balance of both for my children. The teachers are kind, caring, approachable but firm when necessary. Mr Green, Mr Power and Mrs Chase are always at the gate smiling and welcoming both parents and children each day. I would not hesitate in recommending the school to other parents"

"We could not be happier with Grove Wood Primary. Our three children happily go to school each day, and come out full of stories of the games they’ve played, the work they’ve done and the fun they’ve had. The school strikes a fantastic balance between making sure children receive the right level of teaching for them, whilst making sure their school experience is enriched with a vast range of extra-curricular activities. The values that underpin the school seek to make sure that the children grow up to be kind, thoughtful and respectful young people, and we have no doubt that when our children leave the school, they’ll be leaving with the best head start on their futures."



From the Pupils' Perspective

Each year we invite our pupils to to write a persuasive piece of writing explaining what it is like to be a pupil attending our school. A number of these from previous years are shared below.

Grove Wood: Why do we stand out? 

It has come to the time of year where you have to consider a primary school for your super infant – why choose Grove Wood? As a year six pupil I have been at Grove for almost seven years and I strongly recommend this school to you and your tiny tot.  Here is why – if I was you – I would choose this school: 

Terrific teaching and super SATs results 

With over 20 classrooms and outdoor learning environment, our teaching and support is outstanding. The school also has a plethora – websites, some of which you can access from home and help your child.  Furthermore, a high proportion of children reach the expected level for 11 year olds. 

In 2014 our Deputy Head Mrs Chase won Essex teacher of the year and Mrs Snoxall – our music teacher – won the lifetime achievement award.  As well as teaching support, teachers are willing to give up the time to help support the children.  You would think that a school with 630 pupils would be a nightmare, wouldn’t you?  But no, our discipline is outstanding and we also have our behaviour systems.  In KS2 (Key Stage 2) we have the card changes. If you have been given enough chances but decide to carry on the silly or naughty things then you may have an orange warning card.  The red consequence card is for if you do something extremely naughty.  In KS1 you have the moon and stars (something really good) the sun, (where everybody starts) the cloud (if you are bad) and the thunder cloud (if you disobey the teacher).  Also, we have a range of opportunities. 


School isn’t just about learning. It is also about creating a well-rounded, well experienced person.  For this reason, we have a myriad of opportunities.  Over 50 clubs, lots of trips and sporting events.  Taking part in our clubs is an amazing chance; with 50 plus there is one for everyone; choir, sports, music and tons more.  The trips are exceptional from a trip to the stables to the activity centre in Hilltop, your child’s chance of experiences is huge.  A couple of years ago, we were rated outstanding by Ofsted and our lollipop man (Ron) was the lollipop man of the year.  In reception, your child is welcomed with a warm heart and is given a busy bee job to do every morning.  Surely you would want your child to come to this school.  

In conclusion, this is our school in a nutshell. I really hope I have helped you decide on a school for your little one.  Now the decision is in your hands this school is so brilliant and that is why I have spent my seven years at Grove Wood. 

By Evie  (year 10, Southend High School for Girls )

Grove Wood – achieving the best we can 

As that exciting – but hard-time comes around, it is almost impossible to choose a school for your child.  Since Grove Wood – in my opinion – is the best school for miles, I will give you the highlights of the school.  You can’t learn properly if you haven’t got the right facilities……. 


Fabulous facilities 

Here at Grove, we have top-notch facilities.  As you would know, if you don’t know the right environment, you won’t learn properly.  All children at Grove say they love everything about the classrooms and halls, but some children haven’t explored half of the school, it is so vast.  Some of the halls, which are amazingly brilliant equipment are filled with sporting gear.  Grove is probably the best sporting school in the area and it is because of the children’s hard work.  Furthermore, Grove owns probably most of the sport awards in Rayleigh. 

Sporting Superstars 

Some of the sporting achievements Grove has won are amazing, including the Platinum Rayleigh sporting award, which is probably the most important.  All the trials for sports teams are totally fair, giving everyone a fair opportunity.  Since we have large amount of equipment, grove can progress in sports some school can’t do.  Also, a new feature has been added around the schools running track.  A gravely road like path has been added as a bike track.  Our bikes are still being packed in containers and will be ready by the end of the year.  When we use the running track, we are careful not to hurt the environment, because our school has a love for nature. 

Wildlife Lovers 

Located just off the field, Grove has its own wood, if you couldn’t tell by it’s name.  Reception, where your child will be starting, go on hunts, in the woods for treasure.  They enjoy the adventure, and can’t wait to do it again.  Year 1 and 2 go in the woods for something different.  They get the privilege of doing Forest school.   When you’re there, you make fires, under supervision of course, necklaces out of wood and toast marshmallows.  Moving on to something else, we also have a Wildlife area.  This is where you go to find newts, frogs and squirrels.  Attached to it is a bird watching hut, with binoculars.  You can look at the wildlife, all the time where you are, but what about something different? 

Terrific Trips 

Reception children get the chance to go on some visits, but progress in size once moving up the school.  Reception go to some horse stables, Rayleigh library and the church.  If you do join the school, the number of trips children go on is insane! Year 1 go to a zoo, Year 2 to a beach, Year 3 to a castle and activity centre. Year 4 dry ski slopes and Leeds Castle, Year 5 a Victorian workshop, Colne Valley and Bradwell.  But Year 6 is amazing.  They go to Hilltop, a WWI workshop and more.  Some pupils say they never want to leave. Using only a small amount of money, it is a price worth paying.  You can’t have the opportunities without joining the school, so let me talk about where they start. 


This is where is all begins.  While your child is in Reception, they will receive amazing care.  With their own playground, your child can roam free at break time.  They have more adults around your child, if they are stuck they will have a teacher helping them instantly.  Toy boxes are scattered around the classroom, your child will never be bored.  There are three classes in each year.  The Reception ones are called Blue, Yellow and Green.  Your child will make lifelong friends instantly.  If your child does feel lonely, a teacher will ask them how they are feeling and help them out.  Teachers will always be there for your precious little angel. 


I conclude, Grove is amazing.  The decision is yours, but I hope I have persuaded you enough to send your child to Grove.  They deserve the best experience at Primary School, so send them here! 


By George  (Year 10, Fitzwimarc School) 

Grove Wood – the school of your dreams 

Uh Oh! It’s that time of year again where the stress seeps through you, you start feeling queasy; don’t worry, the school of your child’s dreams has been in front of you the whole time.  Let me unravel my past 7 years at Grove Wood, read o to find out more. 

Divine discipline 

At Grove Wood we have the most impeccable discipline system, but how do we do it? Well to start with, in KS1 we have a moon and stars system, which is how they deal with children’s discipline.  All children start off on the sun (which means they are being well-behaved).  If a child is naughty or rude, they will be moved down to the cloud, which means they have been badly behaved.  The moon and starts means that, if a child is working well and being impeccably good, then they will be put on the moon and stars. Every single child is expected to learn all four spark values (S-Strive P-Positivity A-Achieve R-Respect and K – Kindness) by using these spark values, the pupils gain house points for their house teams, that are later counted up and the winner announced in assembly. 

Superb SATS results 

Amazingly, the year 6 SATs results are incredible, all the year 6 students thrive in their learning and listen to their teachers carefully.  Another great thing about Grove is the staff, all staff will help out children if they are stuck or worried.  The set teachers push everyone in their sets helping the pupils learn more every day.  Although it can be tough learning new things, the teachers make sure the pupils push themselves and work quickly and quietly.  Thanks to the spectacular staff and discipline system our school got rated outstanding by Ofsted.  Keep reading to find out why we were rated outstanding. 


Okay, now let’s talk about reception facilities.  Reception get their own playground and a separate classroom.  On their playground, they are provided with loads of equipment like: building blocks, bikes, see-saws, a wooden obstacle courses and that’s only a few.  The classrooms are amazing too they have an accessible whiteboard to show the infants how to do their work swiftly, as well as carefully.  The classrooms are called blue class, yellow class and green class, different from the rest of the school.  However, school isn’t just about learning, it’s about having fun too.  All the school go on some sort of trip each year the older you get the longer you stay on a residential (that’s on in KS2 though).  We also have a 30m long sports hall, as well as a massive field (used for PE).  All together, we have two adventure playgrounds. They are to for children to all play together, used by children of all ranges, burning off their energy. 

To sum things up, Grove Wood is an incredible school, so why send your child to a different one? I’ve told you all reasons why; it’s your decision…… 

By Emily  (Year 10 The Sweyne Park School)

Grove Wood Primary – Why you should come here! 

Are you in a muddle or a mix-up trying to choose one of the dozens of schools to send your little ones to? Well you’re in luck.  If you can’t stop running around in circles looking for a good education, just read this article, and school choosing will be a no contest for you and your child! (Well, maybe not entirely a no contest, due to the……) 

Superb Sports! 

If your child is a lover of sport, then this is the school for them, with a significantly wide range of clubs such as football, netball, and even ones that are not technically sports, like cross country.  These will help to build a sense of competition in everyone, and I’m sure you’d agree that competition is an important aspect of a child’s personality.  Even if they’re not such a sports enthusiast there is still a club for them, as other clubs involve less sporty activities such as CHESS, Choir and Dance too.  Some clubs including Choir will even take part at out of school events at places like the O2!  And not only club members go on trips, but everyone else does too! In year 6, children also get the choice to assign to a “responsibility”, an important role to have in the school.  In fact, I am actually a Librarian at Grove Wood Primary and I love filing the books and working in the different libraries! Of course, though the most important part of Grove is the…. 

Soaring SAT’s Results! 

At many schools, the SAT’s is a dreaded test that no one wants to take. But at Grove, it is all worth the work, as the results always soar through the roof!  Im fact, 90% of students achieve the expected standard! But, after all, everyone knows that good learning all comes from good teaching, and Grove is no exception.  As a fully staffed school, there is always someone to talk to if your child is feeling sick or worried.  And not only do test results soar, but it’s all rewarded with a “Golden Time” on Friday where children all go off to do an activity of their choice, but of course, not only their brains need to be filled, but their stomachs do too. Grove handles that with a little bit of….  

Fundamental Food! 

After a few long lessons (and an awful lot of hard work), many of the students may begin to crave a tasty meal.  So let their hunger be satisfied with a delicious lunch, courtesy of Grove’s cooks and dinner ladies who work hard in the kitchen to appease hungry children’s appetites.  Our humble dinners are also the winners, the Healthy Eating Gold Award, and a naturally they still taste amazing. In other words, you can’t resist the mouth-watering school dinners at Grove Wood Primary.  Even if your child somehow doesn’t enjoy the dinners, then they are allowed to bring their own “packed lunch” filled with all the food that they like but, obviously, the Dinner Hall isn’t Grove’s only hall.  After all, this school is absolutely filled to the brim with…. 

Fantastic Facilities! 

The school isn’t called Grove for nothing because it’s actually right next to a forest! It isn’t the only out of classroom facility though, for Grove has a whopping 3 halls, an ICT suite and computer related lessons, 3 playgrounds and a field with a bike track! With all these places in one school, it’s a wonder how it isn’t as big as seems!  Even better, the children in reception have their own private playground with a load of toys and goodies to play with! 

To conclude I must give a mention to our extremely loyal and friendly lollipop man, Ron. Ron is the best lollipop man a school could ask for and he has even won lollipop man of the year before!  He always has something kind or funny to say and it’s just good to have him around.  (Plus he even gives sweets to kids sometimes if they ask him nicely!)  Although Grove Wood may now sound like a great school (trust me, it is) if I were you, I’d still come take a look, just to see all of the great features of our school! 

By Max (Year 10 The Swyene Park School) 


Grove Wood – Outstanding Success 

The time has come for a decision to be made, for you to choose a primary school to send your child to.  If you want your young one to have an education that helps them to grow, look no further.  With an outstanding Ofsted result and helpful facilities, I’ve had the best opportunities ever.  Allow me to feed my information into you. 

Exceptional Events 

Firstly, a plethora of over 50 clubs and activities is important as it helps to develop the children’s social abilities with others.  However, just because we have this many clubs, the list becomes longer every year.  The clubs consist of music and sports and so many more that I can’t name! 

As well as the activities, the school provides residential for Year 3 and up to Year 6.  A one-night trip to Guidewoods is a huge amount of fun for Year 3’s as they can get around the muddy woods.  An educational trip in Year 4 to Kent increases their awareness about others.  Year 5’s trip to Bradwell and Year 6’s trip to Hilltop both build up the children’s team-work skills. 

Reliable Roles 

Even though there’s exciting things to look forward to all year round from a young age, the children are expected to take their roles seriously.  Starting in Reception, the children have a “Busy Bee” job that they must fulfil by the end of the day.  As they progress up to Year 2, a more reliable job is expected of them as a School Council representative must be chosen from each class and a group of pupils each day go onto the playground and make up games for the other children.  This role is known as Play Buddy.  A list of jobs the children can receive are: ABC (Anti Bullying Council), walking the reception children over, Play Leader, Librarian, House Captain, Sports Crew and Tech Crew.  If done well, the children will receive a reward. 

Excellent Education 

The responsibilities are just as important as the discipline and facilities.  During lessons, if its warm, the teachers can decide whether to take their class into an outdoor classroom or out to an environmental place.  The outdoors promotes in the pupils having a love of nature and understand how we can help the wildlife.  Every day, there’s a choice of either hot school dinners or packed lunch. 


Overall, this school provides more than I can explain and the student’s behaviour is impeccable.  If I were you, I certainly would send my child to this school.  Make sure your choice….. 

By Amber (Year 10 Fitzwimarc School)

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Current Ofsted Report - June 2017

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They report directly to Parliament and are independent and impartial.  They inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Ofsted visited Grove Wood Primary on 6th & 7th June 2017 and details of their report can be found by clicking the link below:

 Ofsted Report - Grove Wood Primary


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