Grove Wood Primary School

Grove Wood Primary School

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Year 5 Teaching Staff 2023/2024

Mr Banks Mrs Fenn Miss Clark


Mrs Ford Mrs Wharton Mrs Butcher


Year 5 PE will be on Wednesday afternoons

Children's Views of Bradwell

At Bradwell it was extremely fun. We got split into groups, and did a lot of different activities.

Many activities were extremely wonderful, but my favourite was Archery! I wasn’t the best at it but it was super fun! I managed not to get hit in the end game, and the instructor (Andy) was really helpful.

My fav instructor was Jack, he was funny and crazy and made everything FUN! My fav activity was bush craft, sailing and crabbing. Sailing because I got my feet wet and we played games on the boat. Bush craft, because we had marshmallows and we got to use the smasher and the chopper. Last be not least, crabbing, crabbing because I caught approximately 15 crabs, I got wet and we beaten the other team by 37 crabs! The disco was so much fun, like we got to dance and sing, we had a party and we all had fun! I will never forget anything that i did and always remember all the activities that I did. I’m a fussy eater so i did not always eat everything, but I did eat all of the chocolate cake. I will always remember this trip.

 My favourite activity was high ropes because I really like climbing its very fun. I also liked crabbing because I had never held a crab before and I got to hold a very big one. It felt very weird when it was crawling around on my hand with its big legs. I managed to catch 4 but they all got off the line in time. It was very funny because a giant crab went into the engine of the boat so, at the end we had to open the engine and try to find the crab (it wasn’t there) oopsies!

I wanted to let you know that I had a great time at Bradwell. I loved all of the activities but of all of them sailing and crabbing were my favourite. The reason that sailing and crabbing were my favourite is because with sailing we went out to Radio Caroline and with crabbing it was exciting to see if we had caught a crab or not!

My most favourite thing at Bradwell was crabbing because it was a incredible experience to catch crabs and have fun with all my friends, that was only my first time crabbing and I already want to go again. My most memorable instructor was Andy because he always encouraged us to always try our best! My favourite food was the delicious egg and chips ,it was just so scrumptious.

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