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Reading at Grove Wood

At Grove Wood, we aim for our children to:

  • read easily, fluently and with good understanding;
  • develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information;
  • appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage.


The current Curriculum divides reading skills into two dimensions:

  • Word reading/ decoding
  • Comprehension

We recognise that both these elements are essential to success and we support the acquisition of both sets of skills through various methods.

In Reception and Year 1, children read books in their Read Write Inc sessions which are closely linked to their reading ability and increasing knowledge of phonics and the tricky ‘red words’. This is so that, early on, they experience success and gain confidence that they are readers. Re-reading and discussing these books with the teacher supports their increasingly fluent decoding. 

Alongside this, every child in Reception and Year 1 is heard read by either their teacher or class assistant at least once a week to support and extend them individually.  Carefully guided by the teacher, the children will choose a book from our Oxford Reading Tree range to enjoy within this session and then share at home.

Finally, the teachers read a wide range of stories, poetry and non-fiction to pupils to promote a life-long love of reading.

In Year 2, once the children have completed the RWInc programme, they receive a guided English session daily, which focuses on reading, spelling and grammar. During this session, they read in a guided reading group weekly with either their teacher or ISA. In this guided reading session, the children work on the reading objectives for their year group and will be assessed against these. The children also read individually once a week with their teacher or class assistant.  As in Reception and Year 1, children in Year 2 are exposed to a wide range of whole class stories, poetry and non-fiction to foster their enjoyment of reading.

In Key Stage 2, the children continue weekly guided reading sessions, with a strong focus on higher order reading skills such as inference and deduction, skimming and scanning and the ability to read texts critically. During these reading sessions, other children in the class complete directed and carefully planned activities.  Reading is also taught in the English lesson through group and whole class work and cross-curricular reading opportunities are provided.   Once again, teachers will have whole class stories, poems and non-fiction books available to read with the children to promote enjoyment and pleasure in reading.

Children take a library book home to read daily either independently or with a parent. It is expected that all children read at home with an adult and, in KS2, complete reading activities in their reading journals.

Where necessary, specific phonic intervention is given, including the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme in Years 3 and 4 and ‘Fresh Start’ programme in Year 5 and 6.  Furthermore, identified children will be heard read by specialist support assistants on a regular basis on the structured ‘Dandelion Readers’ Scheme.

The Reading Race

We actively encourage children to read and have in place initiatives to reward reading participation.

The Reading Race is a nine step reward system designed to encourage children to read regularly. Each time a child reads with a parent, they record it on a Reading Race ladder which then allows children to move through the planets and reach the sun. Once a child has completed The Reading Race, they receive a reward.   Currently, the reward is to gain a ‘cinema ticket’ and then enjoy a short film, with a snack, at the end of the half term.



All classes have an inviting reading area with a selection of fiction and non-fiction texts. They have a variety of age appropriate resources including dictionaries and thesauruses. In the two libraries (one for Key Stage One and one for Key Stage Two), there are a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books available to support the children in their learning and enjoyment of books. Year 6 librarians have been trained to manage the libraries at lunchtime and KS2 children visit the library regularly to change their books.


If you have any questions about reading at Grove Wood please feel free to approach your child’s class teacher; our English co-ordinator, Mrs Anderson or any member of our Senior Management Team.

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