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Year 6 PE Day is a Thursday afternoon - no jewellery including earrings.



Over the last couple of weeks, Mr Benson's writing set have been trying to re-write the history books. We found an unusual box in the classroom that contained some photos. We decided to see if we could find out who the people in the photos were, which we were able to so, except one. All of the people in the photos were explorers from across different time periods in history but we couldn't find anything about Dr. Francis Inigo Rothwell. It was then, that we decided to check back in the box to ensure we hadn't missed anything and to our surprise, there was a letter from Dr. Rothwell. He wrote that he had been taken from history by Charles Darwin who had stolen all of his ideas. Dr. Rothwell challenged us to write his biography and re-write the history books so that he could once again be placed in history and to credit Darwin's work as his own.

This is what the children came up with...

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Trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum

Year 6 had a great time exploring the Duxford Imperial War Museum learning about all aspects of Britain's conflicts during the World Wars.
The children particularly enjoyed a tour of the Concorde and experiencing the new interactive exhibit where headsets allowed them to listen to the memories of  those who experienced wartime Britain.