Class 3DS Mrs Sullivan  Class 3KO - Mrs Ovenden

Class 3F/C - Mrs Fenn/Mrs Campion


Year 3 PE Day is a Monday afternoon - no jewellery including earrings.



Visit to the Church

Year 3 walked to Holy Trinity Church as part of our RE lessons. We had a tour of the church by Rev. David, who showed us the different parts of the inside of the church. We also sat outside and sketched the building. We really enjoyed our day out!


In our computing lessons, we have been using a program called 'Scratch' and following instructions to try to make the character move. 

Colchester Castle

Year 3 went for a visit to Colchester Castle as part of our Roman theme. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking around the museum, answering questions in their booklets as they looked around. Included in our trip was an opportunity to go underground into the temple vaults. Once there our tour guided gave us lots of information about the castle, and how the Romans would have had battles with the Celts. We also had the chance to work as a team to build a Roman villa, with a fantastic mosaic floor. The children had a fantastic day!

Sport Relief Scooters

During our PE lesson, we used our scooters to practice our scooter skills and we also completed a scooter mini marathon. This was part of our whole school Sports Relief week. It was great fun!

Viking Long Boats

Year 3 have been studying the Vikings. We designed and made Viking Long boats as part of out DT lessons. We were very proud of the end results!

World Book Day

The theme of World Book Day this year was to share a story. Each class paired up with another class and the children shared stories with each other. Different adults came to our classes to read a story. We all dressed up as  different book characters and took part in lots of fun book related activities.

Rocks and Soils

In Science, we have been investigating the properties of rocks and soils. We worked in groups to carry out tests on various rocks. 

Wonka Bars

Year 3 have been reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and have been learning how chocolate is made. We made our very own delicious treats and even made the packaging for them!

Dream Jars and Artwork

Year 3 have been studying Roald Dahl books and creating our very own 'dream jars' from the story, The BFG.  We had lots of fun designing and making them!

We have also been painting in the style of Quentin Blake.

Fantastic Mr Fox

During English lessons, Year 3 have been studying 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. We enjoyed learning about the story and acting out the key parts.


Light and Reflection

Year 3 had an exciting Science Day learning about LIGHT and carrying out investigations. These included:

* Removing light by blindfold and then directing people around obstacles.

* experimenting with different materials to see which ones are REFLECTORS of LIGHT.

* Using torches to see which type of clothing and colours are the safest so that we can be seen in the dark.

We learnt about: SOURCES of light; REFLECTORS of light and why light is so important to our lives.




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