Class 4T/A - Mrs Thacker/Mrs Anderson    Class 4CF - Ms Fletcher 

Class 4LS - Miss Seaman



Year 4 PE Day is a Monday afternoon - no jewellery including earrings



Arts Week

Year 4 enjoyed various activities during Arts week. We experienced different dance styles including tap dancing and street dance and did a drama workshop. We developed our drawing and sketching skills, using different methods and media. We also studied famous artist Salvador Dali and learnt about his lifestyle and his art work. We also learnt how to play the Star Wars theme tune on Boomwhackers!

Garage Band

In ICT lessons, Year 4 have been using an app called 'Garage Band' to create their own music. We enjoyed exploring different instruments and creating melodies of our own!

Terrible Tudors

Year 4 have been studying the Tudors and learning about the lifestyle, houses, Tudor explorers and the Tudor Royal Family. We had a dressing up day and learnt traditional Tudor dances and have designed and made Tudor houses!


Maths Trail

Year 4 had fun in their maths lesson, following a trail and answering questions linked to place value and numbers.


Year 4 have been learning about Sir Isaac Newton. We researched Non-Newtonian liquids and made 'Cornflower Slime' to see the strange ways it reacted! It was very messy but lots of fun!