Lacrosse Year 3 and 4

During the second half of the Summer Term, the children in years 3 and 4, have had the opportunity to take part in a Lacrosse competition. We bought the equipment for this unique sport with Sainsbury's Vouchers last year.

Below you will find the creative team names and the leagues they will be competing in. The results will be updated on a weekly basis.

League 1


Super Six

Drag and Lightning

Monster Crushers

Lacrosse Heroes

League 2

The Nut-crackers

Fire Cross

The Bombers

6 Crossers

The Funky Pigeons

League 3

Chicken Nuggets

The Smashers

Six Stars


The Shakers

League 4

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Fast Flickers

The Sports Squad

The Demon Dominators

Star Crushers

League 5


Killer Bounty Hunters

The Lion’s Claws

7 Cool Kids

Scream of the Eagles


League 1: Friday 10th June

League 2: Friday 17th June

League 3: Friday 24th June

League 4: Friday 1st July

League 5: Friday 8th July

Quarters-finals, Semi-finals and Final will be played on Friday 15th July


Fixture Result



Match 1: Super Six v Scream of the Eagles Scream of the Eagles
Match 2: Fire Cross v Drag 'n' Lightning Fire Cross
Match 3: Howlers v Sports Squad Sports Squad
Match 4: Rock 'n' Roll v Shakers Shakers
Fixture Result



Match 1: Scream of the Eagles v Sports Squad Scream of the Eagles
Match 2: Fire Cross v Shakers Fire Cross
Fixture Result
Final Match 1: Scream of the Eagles v Fire Cross Fire Cross

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