Dodgeball Year 3 and 4

Following the success of the year 5 and 6 tournament, the Sports Crew wanted to folow this up with a Dodgeball Tournament for the year 3 and 4 children. The number of children that wanted to participate was huge so the format had to change.

We decided that the best way forward would be to have 4 mini leagues and the top two go through to the Quarter Final stage.

League 1

Sparkling Dragons

The Dodgers

Team Dodge

Fire Dodgers

Super Six

Lightning Bolts

League 3

Awesome 6

Blades Edge

Pro Players

Skull Crushers

Endless Six

The X Wing

League 2

T Crushers

Thunder Slam

Team Wrook

The Luch Dragons

Ultimate Dodgers

Super Smashers


League 4

The Sparks

The Beasts

The Cool Kids

Fire Blades

Poison Ivy

The teams going through are...

From League 1: Fire Dodgers and Sparkling Dragons

From League 2: The Luch Dragons and Ultimate Dodgers

From League 3: Skull Crushers and Endless Six

From League 4: The Cool Kids and The Beasts

Round Match Winners



Fire Dodgers vs. The Beasts  Fire Dodgers
Ultimate Dodgers vs. Endless Six Ultimate Dodgers
Skull Crushers vs. The Luch Dragons  Skull Crushers
The Cool Kids vs. Sparkling Dragons  Sparkling Dodgers
Round Match Winners



Fire Dodgers vs. Skull Crushers Skull Crushers 
Ultimate Dodgers vs. Sparkling Dodgers  Ultimate Dodgers
Round Match Winners


Skull Crushers vs. Ultimate Dodgers  Skull Crushers


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