Dodgeball Competition (Year 5 and 6)

The first event of the year was started after the Christmas break. The Sports Crew members busily set up the sports hall for a number of weeks to facilitate the year 5 and 6 Dodgeball competition.

All the players were placed into random teams and they played in a straight knockout competition where the final 2 teams would play in front of a crowd of children.

The winning team had the opportunity to test their skills against a highly skilled teachers team made up of: Mr Green, Mrs Chase, Mr Banks, Mr Seaman, Mr Holland, Miss Francis and Mr Benson.

After a tough match, the eventual winners were..... Team Lola made up of: Lola Rodgers, Thomas Collins, Katrina Mayfield, Gracie Earls, Connie Downing, Ollie Reagan and Diwij Saigal.


The Matches

Round Match Winners



Team Jimmy vs. Team Freddy C Team Freddy C
Team Zander vs. Team Liam Team Zander
Team Stanley vs. Team Jake C Team Jake C
Team Aaron M vs. Team Lola Team Lola
Team Samuel S vs. Team Daniel Team Daniel
Team Sam W vs. Team Ella B Team Sam W
Team Joseph vs. Team Harry H Team Joseph
Team Sian C vs. Team Jamie Team Jamie
Round Match Winners



Team Freddy C vs. Team Zander Team Zander
Team Jake C vs. Team Lola Team Lola
Team Daniel vs. Team Sam W Team Daniel
Team Joseph vs. Team Jamie Team Joseph
Round Match Winners



Team Zander vs. Team Lola Team Lola
Team Daniel vs. Team Joseph Team Daniel
Round Match Winners


Team Lola vs. Team Daniel Team Lola


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