The Sports Crew is in place to support with improving the provision of the sport across the school. They regularly meet to discuss the provision they encounter during PE lessons to look at how they feel PE is being taught in their respective year groups. They also discuss upcoming events like Sports Relief, Charity Events and Intra-sports competitions. They all hold meetings in classes to discuss with the children what they think the school needs in order to improve the sport across the school including: equipment needed, sport competitions to hold at lunch time and extra-curricular clubs that could become available.


The Sports Crew is responsible for criterion related to the Sainsbury's School Games Mark that the school is striving to achieve. Therefore, they are responsible for supporting Mr Benson with arranging all the intra-sport competitions. They have to decide who the officials will be for each competition and how they think it should be run by the staff. We also discuss how each event went to see if there is anything that can be improved.


This year the Sports crew decided that they wanted to run competitions on a Friday lunch time for the children in Key Stage 2. They are responsible for officiating the matches and organising which team is playing each week. They have to keep score in each match and keep up to date with the development of the competitions.

The members of the Sports Crew are:

3CF: Louie Clarke and Anya Walford

3DS: Finn Tyrell and Daisy Barney

3KH/3DP: Daniel Harris and Grace Warner

4AT: Taylor Curry and Isobel Auger

4BH: Adam Fawell and Yvie Godfrey

4HT: Harris Maloney and Chloe Jospeh

5CS: Sam Sapsford and Megan Elmes

5HR: Harry Reeves and Maisy Tyrel

5MB: Connie Downing and Owen Stoddart

6JK: Lee Austin and Emma Jolley

6LS: Freddie Adams and Grace Tongue

6RA: Isaac Jolley and Evie Sharp


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