Children's entries!

After such a fantastic response to the Grove Wood Personal Challenge, I decided that we needed to celebrate the success that the children have been striving towards. Therefore, at the close of each challenge, some of the children's entries will be posted here for all to see. So... keep striving, be positive and work as hard as you can to achieve the highest possible level and maybe, you will see yourself up on this page. Good luck!

Mr Benson 

Madeleine B (Challenge 1)

Connie and Grace (Challenge 1)

Sophie P (Challenge 2)

Matthew K (Challenge 2)

Olivia P (Challenge 3)

Harry R (Challenge 3)


Chloe H (Challenge 3)

Liam D (Challenge 4)

Evie J (Challenge 4)

Sienna J (Challenge 4)

Andrew P (Challenge 4)

Hollie T (Challenge 1)

Clemmie B (Challenge 1)

Olivia P (Challenge 2)

Jayden P (Challenge 2)

Jonathan B (Challenge 3)


Freya B (Challenge 3)

Olivia P (Challenge 4)

Lester W (Challenge 4)

Connie S (Challenge 4)

Oliver L (Challenge 4)

Callum B (Challenge 1)

Ava H (Challenge 1)

Freya B (Challenge 2)

Andy P (Challenge 2)

Isabelle B (Challenge 3)


Olivia P (Challenge 3)

Luke Baker (Challenge 4)

Jonathan B (Challenge 4)

Alice M (Challenge 4)

Millie H (Challenge 4)

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