Last week, the first inter-sports event took place with the children competing in a Handball competition in their house teams. This was a new sport for many of the children so they were taught the basics of how to play alongside the important rules so they officiate the games as well as play.

The winning houses in each year group were as follows:

Year 3-Ruby

Year 4-Sapphire

Year 5- Topaz

Year 6-Topaz

The scores were added together across the school and the overall winners
were Topaz.

Well done to all the children in Key Stage 2 that took part.



Over the week, the children have taken part in the next Intra-sports event, Dodgeball. The children were placed into the same teams from when they competed in the Handball competition earlier in the term. All the children had an opportunity to discuss tactics and who would retrieve the ball from centre line. 

The children were very competitive and worked brilliantly in their teams.

The winning houses were as follows:

Year 3: Topaz and Ruby

Year 4: Sapphire

Year 5: Ruby

Year 6: Topaz

Overall Key Stage 2 winners: Ruby

Well done to all the children that competed in the competition and bring on the next one!


Over the past two weeks, the children have been competing in the third Intra-sports Competition. The children performed brilliantly in the Badminton competition and it was a closely fought battle to win in each year group. The winners of each year group were as follows:

Year 3—Sapphire

Year 4—Ruby and Topaz

Year 5—Topaz, Ruby and Emerald

Year 6—Sapphire.

TOPAZ were the overall House winners with 71 points!

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