Physical Education at Grove Wood Primary School


At Grove Wood we endeavour to make the first experiences that our children have of PE and sport as beneficial and positive as possible.  We  provide our pupils with two hours of quality PE teaching each week, and offer a large variety of before, during and after-school clubs and activities to enrich their education and cater for the individual needs of all of our pupils.  We monitor attendance to all clubs and encourage children to try out new sports and activities in their time at our school.  We also participate fully in the national School Games initiative, which was set up as part of the London 2012 legacy and provides opportunities for pupils that wish to compete at a school, district or regional level.  We keep records of pupil's participation in competitions, encouraging participation and enjoyment, as well as celebrating and encouraging sporting success.


Our Vision

Grove Wood Primary believes that physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. Grove Wood aims to develop a balanced program offering a variety of activities to enhance skills in becoming physically literate. Positive participation in physical education will enable children to build, self-esteem, team work and positive attitudes in P.E.

We aim to: -

  • Develop confidence, skills and knowledge
  • Pursuit for excellence
  • Be Proud of achievements
  • Promote fair play and respect
  • Educate children to improve health and well-being
  • Provide quality opportunities for children outside of school time.


The School Sport Premium

Grove Wood Primary School is using part of the newly acquired Sport Premium funding to subscribe to support from the Castle Point and Rochford School Sports Partnership based at The Deanes School.  This includes allowing our staff and students to benefit from additional festivals and sports competitions, selected students will participate in sports leadership training and access to a Top Up Swimming programme for those targeted. 
Staff will benefit from a range of CPD and training opportunities, including access to over 20 PE and sports courses and staff inset opportunities in school.   This is especially important to ensure the funding has a lasting impact on up-skilling our teachers in our schools.
We also benefit from input of an Area Co-ordinator who will work closely with our staff to address our development needs in PE and School Sport and provide further sports opportunities for students in our locality.
More details about how Grove Wood Primary School maximises the School Sport Premium budget can be located in the following documents:

The Sport Premium Funding is being used strategcally to have a positive impact on all children across the school. Some of the key successes can be seen in the documents below:





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