Latest COVID-19 Updates


We continue to follow advice given from Public Health England and the Department for Education with regards to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Below are useful links to keep parents updated with our approach.


When children should be kept off school

What to do if your Child shows symptoms of Covid.

 Amended collection arrangements during the Covid period 

COVID - Breakfast club letter 2020

Face Masks

COVID - Year 3 Letter for direct and Proximity Contacts

COVID whole School Community

Autumn Half Term Letter new drop off and collection times

2nd November - Clarification of collection drop off and collection times

Covid whole School Community -

Covid - Year 2 - Letter for direct and Proximity Contacts - 7.12.2020

Covid - Year 2 Return date

Covid update 8th December

Covid-19 - Last Week of Term.

Covid-19 Update - Sunday 13th December

Covid - Year 6 - Letter for direct and Proximity Contacts

Covid whole School Community - 13th December 


Letters sent 2021

Covid-19 - Critical Workers-Vulnerable - 31.12.2020

Open Letter to parents and carers from Essex Local Authority -

Covid-19 - Critical Workers - Follow Up 3.1.21

Covid-letter to parents of critical workers arrival and collection

Covid whole School Community - 19.01.21

Letter to Parents - Homeschool. 2.02.21

8th March - Full Reopening - 23.2.21

8th March - Return to School Arrangements.


Covid Risk Assessment - January 2021


Link for local testing centres sent by Essex County Council -


NHS guidance on coronavirus symptoms -


Grove Wood Primary remote education information for parents

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Catch Up Premium Plan 2020-21



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