Here at Grove Wood, we place a strong emphasis on pastoral care for all pupils.  Every adult in the school community takes responsibility for creating a supportive atmosphere where children are encouraged to achieve their personal, social and academic goals.  

To this end, we have a dedicated team who are available to talk through any concerns you may have about your child at any time.  Experience tells us that sharing a problem early enough is easier to solve than if it is left. You can get in touch with us via the school office, by talking to your child’s teacher or by speaking to us at the gate in the mornings.

The team also works with pupils as part of the PSCHE curriculum and run several groups to support children with aspects of their learning such as attention and listening skills, social skills, developing self esteem and building self confidence.

We are fortunate to have excellent facilities to support this vital work.  Nestled in the heart of the school we have a sensory room which provides a relaxing environment, allowing children to develop their play and learning skills through touch, sound and light.  We are currently in the process of developing a sensory garden to extend this area of learning further.

 We also have the Rainbow Room, a quiet, colourful inviting area, ideally suited for the small group work described above, enabling children to develop vital life skills.  At lunchtime, the Rainbow Room then comes alive when we run the Allsorts Club for children who are unable to use the playground for medical or other reasons or simply wish to play with a friend. At Grove Wood, we recognise the importance positive friendships have on a child’s day and staff are on hand to help foster good relationships.

An outdoor Allstars group is also run for children at lunchtime who wish to burn off their excess energy in a safe and positive way.

Our latest addition is the Family Learning Room where we have been able to extend our links with parents and the wider community offering them coffee mornings, workshops and training facilities.  We look forward to welcoming many more visitors in the future.











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