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CLUBS UPDATE:  All clubs begin this week, except SEWING and GUITAR clubs due to Staff attending the Year 4 Residential


Every term, we offer a wide range of clubs and activities for our children, and we aim for every child to attend at leas one club in the school year - although many of our children attend multiple clubs!  Some of these are clubs lead by staff members and others are clubs by local organisations.  Our clubs range from sewing to football, from theatre to hockey. 



Summer Term 2018 Clubs

For any Club enquiries, please email

Club letters Autumn Term 2018

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Mini Tennis, Year 1 & 2 

Green Power info letter 

Dance Club, Year 1

Gym Club years 3 & 4 - Book direct through

Tennis - book direct through Ryan Wilson - forms in the office



Crime Scene club letter 

Sewing Club

Cross Country - Sept 18 - update.pdf

year 3,4,Football Club

Cross Country

Dance Club Year 2

Little Musketeers - apply direct - forms in office

Birds of Prey club - Speak with Mr Pascoe


Bible Explorers club years 3, 4 & 5

Football Club Year 5 & 6



Football Club Year 1 & 2

Percussion and Recorders Club

Year 1&2 Construction Club

choir YR 2

Karate - Westwood Academy - apply direct


German Club April 19

YEAR 3,4,5,6 MUSICAL Theatre DANCE club


Yr 3 & 4 Art letter


Year 6 Drama - Mr Pascoe

Gym Club - Book direct through Years 1 & 2



Reception Skipping April 2019

Multi Sports Year 1 & 2

Elite Football Training Years 1 & 2



Netball  - Year 4 - Miss Reid


Clubs letter September 2018

KS1 September 18 clubs tick list

KS2 September 18 clubs tick list


Drama Club


Now in its fifth year, Drama Club is steadily growing in popularity. Children begin in the Summer Term of Year 5 where they develop their performance skills, teamwork and confidence. This continues into Year 6, where club members also work towards a production that is shared with friends and family. There are also opportunities to view performances, including a West End show!

Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club takes place on a Friday lunchtime and is currently only for Year 6 children. Our 'Wildlife Warriors' are in charge of looking after our wildlife garden and pond as well as tending our flower beds and vegetable plots. They also do a great job of 'litter-picking' around the school grounds!

Bird of Prey Club

Bird of Prey Club is a small group run by Liam (a visiting bird-handler) along with Mr Pascoe. Children are taught all about birds of prey; their anatomy, behaviour, history etc. They also have the opportunity to handle (and fly!) a different bird of prey each week. 


Theatre Club


After a successful start last year, Theatre Club resumed in the Autumn term.  We have been developing our confidence with small group games and sketches.  We are looking to put on a small performance at the end of the term.  Details to follow...



Sewing Club


This term the children have been using fur fabric to make soft toys. They have developed their sewing and cutting skills and used toy eyes and stuffing to create whales. Last term we used binca and sewing threads to make cross stitch book marks.


Guitar Club

Guitar Club is a free club for Year 5 and 6 children. There is no prior knowledge of guitar needed, parents however must provide a suitable instrument for the lessons.  Children are taught how to care for their guitar and build up their finger muscle strength through exercises. Then they move on quickly to learn chords, notes and rhythms. The promise is that they will be playing a song within the first 2 weeks of joining! They also talk about different styles of music with the children suggesting the songs they want to play and perform.


Cookery Club


Great news:  Grove pupils are cooking again for the 'let's get cooking' programme.  Our photos show that "Tasty American Pancakes," were on the menu recently and the children tried both sweet and savoury - yum!!  Follow the club over the coming weeks to see what else they cook up!!


The first 'lets get cooking' group have completed their sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed it which is great.  The children's parents came to taste test at the end of the most recent session all have been very complimentary saying the children have been cooking at home and trying foods for the first times!

They made pizzas made from a flatbread base and tomato sauce made from scratch with fresh vegetables 

Even the washing up got done!  Well done to all involved.




The second group for 'let's get cooking' are preparing 'oaty fish cakes' and Cheesy colcannon.

They went down well, most were eaten before they got home!

The children are even happy to wash up!!



The second group of pupils have completed their 'let's get cooking' sessions.


We cooked Flatbread Pizza, garlic and spring onion flatbreads and salsa for our parents to taste!

Let's just say... there was nothing left.......



All Sorts

All Sorts is a fantastic lunchtime club where children from throughout the school can spend time with others in a calm, welcoming environment.  Children select if they would like to come to All Sorts and often bring a friend to play with.  As you can see, they enjoy lots of different activities, including our sensory garden.

Rock Band Club 2018


Grove Wood has three choirs, Year 2, Year 3 &4 and Years 5 & 6, these take part in a wide variety of performances throughout the year.

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